Managing Records and Expectations: Questing for Your Own “Best Practices”

There is something to be said about managing expectations in a field where terms like “best practices” are thrown around in casual conversations at happy hour as often as in staff meetings. Best practices as a term doesn’t leave much in the way for wiggle room – either your records Continue Reading

Stuck Out of Time

Photos, snapshots of a minute frame of time, often only a fraction of a second, provide a stark and seemingly frozen glance into the past. Special Collections Research Center’s (SCRC) exhibit through April, From Tintypes to .TIFFs displays a variety of these tiny glimpses into the past in a multitude Continue Reading

No Rest in Relocation: The University Records Center Renovation

Moving is no simple task. Whether you’re moving into your first college apartment from your parents’ house, or moving across the country with your spouse in search of new opportunities and careers. Moving is especially difficult when you’ve got a lot of stuff – whether you need to downsize, rent Continue Reading