Strings Attached – The Marionettes of Molka Reich

SC&A’s Federal Theatre Project Collection is home to a lot of unsual and fascinating pieces. At the request of a patron, I recently went through the Molka Reich Collection and found several interesting photographs.  Molka Reich led a most unusual life. After studying puppetry under Remo Bufano in New York, Continue Reading

Recent Acquisition Chronicles Transportation Development in the U.S. from the 1600s to 1880s

What was the state-of-the-art in terms of cross-country transportation in 1888?  How did transport technology evolve over the previous two hundred eighty years? The recently-acquired J.L Ringwalt work entitled Development of Transportation Systems in the United States… addresses those questions in detail. The work covers the entire spectrum of transportation Continue Reading

Online Collection Explores Complexity

Select items from the John N. Warfield Collection in SC&A have been digitized, and these items now form the John N. Warfield Digital Collection. Warfield began his intellectual career studying electrical engineering and mathematics. This led him to work with early computer prototypes. Besides math and electrical engineering, Warfield became Continue Reading

Recent Acquisition: Evans Railway Guide to the South and Southwest, July 1873

  More than 100 years before the age of jets, steam-powered trains and ships were the main high-speed movers of goods and people across the country. Travelers who wished to get from one place to another, and had the means to do so, generally preferred steam transport to horse-based travel. Continue Reading