About Vault 217

The door to Room C-217, Special Collections & Archives

The actual Vault 217.

Vault 217 is a reference to a room in the old Special Collections & Archives department in George Mason University Libraries. We have since moved to another part of the library and were renamed the Special Collections Research Center. The Vault served as a storage location for some of our collection materials. The symbolism of the vault describes the mission of this blog: to open up the vault and expose our readers to some of the treasures in our collections.

This blog was created to talk about:

  • new and exciting acquisitions in SCRC
  • events in SCRC, including exhibits and SCRC-hosted programs
  • information and/or publications related to SCRC collections
  • the SCRC staff and some of the exciting things they do

We hope readers will find this site to be an interesting place and that they will feel free to give feedback regarding this site or its contents.

About Vault 217

  1. Dan Panachyda says:

    On your home page about the Bernard Brenner brass rubbings collection there is a small image on the left of a man’s foot on a dog that is biting the scabbard of the man in armor. I have the full brass rubbing but no information about it. Is it possible to get information about the person in the rubbing? Your site is the only one that shows this same brass rubbing and while it is only a portion it is totally identifiable as the one if have. Thank you.

  2. Amanda Brent says:

    Hello, and sorry for the belated reply. You can email us at speccoll@gmu.edu to inquire about any items or collections. Thank you!

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