Melancholy, Phrensie, and Madnesse, Oh My!

In the 1600’s, Robert Burton wrote Burton’s Anatomy of Melancholy, to describe illnesses such as “phrensie,” “madnesse,” and lycanthropia or “wolfe madnesse.” Melancholy was defined by Burton as an illness that “goes and comes upon every small occasion of sorrow, need, sickness, trouble, feare, griefe, passion, perturbation of the mid, any matter Continue Reading

Where Are You Really From?: Exploring Ideas About Asian-American Identities

Frank H. Wu, associate professor at the Howard University School of Law, wrote Yellow: Race in America Beyond Black and White. In this book, he discussed stereotypes towards Asian-Americans, racial identity, and experiences of Asian-Americans in the United States. Through his analysis of race, he demonstrated how ideas about race are used to separate Continue Reading