Green Book: A Movie….and A Book

How does an African-American musician based in New York City navigate an eight-week tour which includes stops throughout the Jim Crow south in 1962? He hires a temporarily out-of-work night club bouncer and former trash truck operator as his driver.  And, along the way, they consult a small booklet called Continue Reading

SCRC is Thankful for Student Assistants

The Special Collections Research Center’s full time staff forms the core of our workforce, but we would not be able to efficiently arrange and describe collections and make them available to our users without the dedicated service of our student wage workers and interns. The processing team, which turns boxes Continue Reading

29 Years After the Unimaginable

November 9th marked the 29th anniversary to the beginning of the fall of the Berlin stop. On November 8th a press conference from the East German communist party spokesman Guenter Schabowski suggested that the gates of the Berlin Wall would be open. Speculation swarmed throughout the press room and the Continue Reading