Eight playbills for different theater shows are laid out on a wooden table.

Exploring the Martin Cohen Theater Collection

Recently, I took a turn away from my standard digital work to do something I haven’t done since I was a teeny weeny undergraduate student about….ten years ago (hey, 30s are the new 20s)—PROCESSING! And I got a great collection to jump into.  The materials belonged to a late GMU professor, Dr. Martin Cohen (d. […]

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New and Updated Finding Aids – Part Three

All collections mentioned were processed by Amanda Brent. Martha Swope photographs of Jerome Robbins rehearsing with ballet dancers for “Antique Epigraphs” “Two black and white photographs of Jerome Robbins rehearsing with ballet dancers for ‘Antique Epigraphs’ at the New York City Ballet, taken by Martha Swope in early 1984. Both photographs feature Robbins directing the […]

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Adaptation: Stage and Movie Musicals in the 20th and 21st Century

Inspiration for the creation of films can come from just about anywhere, but over the decades Hollywood has consistently borrowed stories from its sister entertainment world – Broadway. Stage musicals especially have been the fodder for film since the 1930s, with movie musicals existing for at least a decade before that. So what came first? […]

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Reprocessing the Robert Breen Papers – Part I

Hello all! Amanda here again on Vault 217. Today I will be writing about something that I feel is not often discussed in the archival world – reprocessing! If you’ve read any of my previous blog entries (such as the C-SPAN chronicles, where I discussed archival processing at length) you’ll understand that processing is an […]

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The President and The King or Art Imitates Life

I was traveling on an airplane recently and stumbled across an interesting film while browsing the in-flight entertainment options at my seat. Elvis and Nixon is an eighty-six-minute history/comedy treatment of the infamous December 21, 1970 meeting between “The President and The King”.  The film features Kevin Spacey as Richard Nixon, Michael Shannon as Elvis, […]

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