Forty-eight yearbooks chronicling the history of George Mason University have been added to our digital collections! Thanks to the WRLC Yearbook Project, all of our hardbound yearbooks are scanned and online. The yearbooks date from 1965 to 2012 and are fully searchable. To search the text of all of the yearbooks, go to the Yearbook collection page, and click the “Catalog Data & text in Documents” button before entering your search term.

Screenshot with arrow indicating the “Catalog Data & text in Documents” button above the search box.

Each yearbook with the search term in it will appear. Clicking on a yearbook will show all the pages where the search term appears. This should make searching for alumni, events, and professors in the yearbooks convenient and easy!

Screenshot with the search term “library” highlighted both in the yearbook, and on the right-hand side.

GM View, the video yearbook, is also available online through the Mason Archival Repository Service (MARS).

Both digital versions are also available through the GMU Yearbook collection finding aid.

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