As you know, this week is National Library Week, and George Mason University Libraries and Special Collections & Archives has teamed up to create a video to educate library users on the proper care of library materials. This latest installment in what has become a a cottage industry among hip university library systems, features an appearance by the Mason Men’s  Basketball Coach, Jim Larranaga, an original soundtrack, a library patron enjoying a meal of pizza and spaghetti in the reading room, and Jackie the Librarian. The latter has the ability t0 sniff out food-borne dangers to books, transport herself to any part of the library, and show all transgressors the proper way to treat library materials.

poster_04_centered2The University Libraries observe Preservation Awareness Day on Wednesday, April 15, and the film, The FUNdamentals of Book Care in 5 Easy Lessons, is framed in a lighthearted and whimsical manner, the film derails traditional library stereotypes and reinforces how fun a library can be.

Written, directed, and produced by Leah Donnelly, Coordinator of the George Mason Oral History Program; Veronica Fletcher, University Records Manager; and Adam Fielding, SC&A‘s Research Services Coordinator;  the video features a soundtrack by Washington, DC guitarist Rodney Richardson. The cast includes George Mason University librarians and student employees. To view the video, visit SC&A’s YouTube Channel at:

Prolonging our Treasures through Preservation, an exhibit on the second, floor, A wing of Fenwick Library follows “a day in the life of a book,” outlines best practices for taking care of and preserving books, describes methods of book repair, and shows other non-book items the library collects and cares for, such as posters, photographs, floppy discs, digital items, etc.  The exhibit is on display through the end of May.

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  1. This video is truly a valuable tool for educating non-preservation staff and library users on the care and handling of library materials. My preservation staff found it to be to-the-point, funny, and informative.

    I would like to use it during a preservation awareness program scheduled for November 2009. How might I obtain a copy for that purpose and future programs?

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