OMEKA Helps Bring WWII Collection to Life

aviator_pageSC&A created its first OMEKA project this summer, and demonstrated it for the first time at the 29th Annual Reunion of the 43rd Bomb Group of the 403rd Bomb Squadron of the 5th Air Force in San Antonio, Texas this past weekend. On Saturday, September 26th,  group of about one hundred veterans from the 43rd and their families were in attendance to see a collection of materials from their buddy, Leonard H. Clark, displayed via an OMEKA exhibit.

This exhibit can be seen at:

The collection contains documents, photographs, and memorabilia related to Major Clark’s service in the United States Air Force. Most notably, the collection contains military records, Japanese souvenirs from World War II, and aerial photographs made by Clark of military operations in the Philippines. The collection contains material from 1938-1968 and 2003.

The guide to this collection can be seen at: