Brass Rubbings: A Window to the Past – Brass Rubbings in Special Collections – Part 2

This post was written by Tavia Wager, Research Services Assistant. The George Mason University Special Collections Research Center is lucky enough to have two collections of brass rubbings, one donated by Vida Beaven, and the other by Bernard Brenner. This collection gives researchers the invaluable opportunity to study material culture, images of identity, and practices […]

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Buddhist Arts

This post was written by Emily Rusch, Research Services Assistant. Buddhism is the world’s fourth largest religion with over 250 million followers. Buddhism encompasses a large variety of traditions and beliefs, but nearly all Buddhist practices and thought can be traced back to Siddhartha Gautama. Siddhartha was a prince living on the Indian subcontinent in […]

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Satan's Blueprint in the Francis J. McNamara Papers

One of our graduate student workers found this interesting document while processing the Francis J. McNamara papers. McNamara collected a large number of documents on Communism and Anti-Communism while working for the United States government in the 1950s, including this pamphlet from 1958. This pamphlet reveals the extent to which some religious groups connected Communism […]

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