The Results Are In

Our researchers often give us valuable insights into our collections and point out hidden gems. Just recently, Ross Landis, a City of Fairfax historian who also volunteers at the City of Fairfax Regional Library’s Virginia Room, found such a gem in the Stacy Sherwood Collection. Stacy C. Sherwood grew up in Fairfax, Virginia and graduated from Fairfax High School in 1940. Sherwood spent much of his career working for the National Bank of Fairfax. Following in his father Albert Sherwood’s footsteps, who served as Fairfax Town Councilman for forty years, Stacy Sherwood served on the Town Council from 1956-1960 and Fairfax City Council from 1960-1964. Most of the materials in the collection date from his tenure as Fairfax Town and City Councilman. Below are two tally sheets from the collection that were used to count the votes in the mayoral and town council elections of 1960.

The votes are in and Fairfax has new Town Councilmen! There were six seats on the town council, so the six top candidates with the most votes won those seats.

John C. Wood was running unopposed for mayor. He got 233 votes and there was one write-in vote for Russell McLaughlin.

Some interesting facts about the City of Fairfax courtesy of Ross Landis:

  • The City of Fairfax was still the Town of Fairfax in 1960. City status wasn’t achieved until late June, 1961.
  • Albert Sherwood still holds the record as the longest serving member of the council. Albert served from 1916-1956.
  • Edgar A. Prichard (his name is spelled wrong on the tally sheets) went on to serve as mayor from 1964-1968. He defeated John C. Wood in a heated race.
  • George Hamill went on to serve as mayor from 1968-1970.
  • Dr. Fred Everly ran Everly’s Pharmacy, a local drug store and soda fountain.

Pictured here: Stacy Sherwood (far left), Roland Clarke (3rd from the left), John C. Wood (center behind Clarke), George Hamill (2nd from right) and Fred Everly (far right).