Let the Broadside negatives scanning project commence!

This fall SC&A received a generous grant from the Auxiliary Enterprise Management Council (AEMC) that is providing funding for new scanning equipment and two undergraduate students to scan, research, and contextualize negatives from the George Mason University Broadside photograph collection. This project will make accessible approximately 10,000 original photographs of George Mason University taken by Broadside student newspaper staff. The images range in dates from the 1970s to the early 2000s, after which most photography was done digitally. This project will add to our knowledge of GMU history immensely and will provide much content for the George Mason University: A History website.

In the past few weeks we have set up the new scanner and computer and have hired two students to start scanning. I’d like to take this opportunity to let the students, Ignacio and Liz, who will be working with SC&A on this project, introduce themselves.


My name is Ignacio A. Bracamonte V. and I am an international student from La Paz, Bolivia. Currently, I am a junior, pursuing a double major in business management and marketing, while minoring in graphic design. Working at the Special Collections & Archives Department, at George Mason University, is a great opportunity for me because I am not only gaining work experience that will definitely contribute to my future, but I am also part of a brand new project. I am definitely looking forward to being a part of this creative and innovative venture while contributing to the SC&A department with my prior work expertise.

We are lucky to have such great students working with us! We will continue to update the progress on this project in the coming months.