The C-SPAN Chronicles: Part IV – Viewer Mail

Hello all! Amanda here with another edition of the C-SPAN Chronicles. As this project has progressed, I have had ample time to re-examine this collection, as well as the unique records it holds. Despite some of the more serious portions of the collection, there are those that are more entertaining (see the C-SPAN Chronicles: Part II for more on this topic.) One such portion is the Viewer Mail Series. Viewer Mail encompasses the many and varied pieces of correspondence sent to C-SPAN’s founder Brian Lamb  – and C-SPAN in general – during much of his tenure at the organization. Though the letters vary in subject and substance, one aspect rings true for each letter: passion. The individuals who wrote these letters, emails, and everything in between were passionate about C-SPAN, the service it provided, and the political process at large. Sometimes this passion translated into a positive interaction, others…not so much. Below is a sampling of some of the more interesting pieces of correspondence from this series. Enjoy! **

A complimentary note from a self-described “C-SPAN Junkie.”

A folder filled with viewer mail. The wide variety of correspondence, ranging from hand written letters, postcards, and greeting cards, to typed letters (both analog and electronic) is evident even in this single file.

Some of the viewer mail errs on the side of eccentric. This folder holds a packet thoroughly examining the effects of Dioxins.

Brian Lamb’s “Booknotes” program produced many viewer letters praising its content and unique style. Unfortunately though, you cannot please them all.

This particular viewer’s complaint does not seem to color their overall view of C-SPAN.

Perhaps my favorite letter of the series.

**The C-SPAN records are currently being processed and therefore do not have specific box and folder numbers. Upon completion, we will update all images with proper citation. The viewer mail materials are part of Series 6: Viewer Mail of the C-SPAN records. 

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